Adidas Stan Smith Cheap

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Adidas Stan Smith Cheap

Nigo is to the three stripes as Hiroshi Fujiwara is to the Swoosh. Each bring an unexpected creative touch to staples time and time again. This go-around the former head of A Bathing Ape takes
the Adidas Stan Smith Women and ditches the traditional lacing system for three velcro straps. It takes us back to the days of learning to tie up our own shoes in the GS years.

A little known and now rarely seen detail of some of the vintage versions of the Adidas Stan Smith Men is brought back with this latest release of the iconic tennis sneaker. One look and you can probably guess what it is: the added “Stan Smith” name in gold foil on the lateral side of each shoe. The construction of this new version also matches the vintage pairs, with a thinner tongue and premium leather, making the shoe look much more as it would have in the 1980’s.

Pharrell Williams is everywhere this year – atop the Billboard charts, all over your television screens, and inside your sneaker stores. His knack for design has given us plenty to work with thanks to teaming up with adidas Originals. After a set of premium leather and monochromatic Adidas Stan Smith Sale, the Grammy-winning producer is back again with three tennis ball
inspired Adidas Stan Smith Cheap pairs. Featuring a felt construction to mimic the ball, the ubiquitous design features a clean white midsole to contrast so base colors like orange and lime green can stand out. There’s also a muted pair in eggshell just incase the shrill attention-grabbing hues aren’t your thing.
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